Software Marketing Case Study

eCommerce Software Leader Doubles Marketing Attributed Revenue





In 2015 a large PE announced it was spinning out assets it attained from a large purchase to create an independent company offering open source, e-commerce software platforms.

After the PE purchase, SBI was introduced to assist the newly independent company in the divestiture. SBI started the engagement by conducted a rapid Product, Sales & Marketing Readiness Assessment. SBI’s engagement objectives were as follows:

  • Enable and provide best practice recommendations to the leadership team to implement processes, systems and people to operate as an individual entity
  • A successful product launch of the 2.0 platform
  • Sales and Marketing effectiveness, with a focus on execution in the field

During the assessment, SBI determined that the organization was out of alignment and lacked corporate and functional strategies. SBI addressed the need for strategic alignment with the executive leadership team. SBI’s initial focus on personnel in key focus areas, such as marketing demand gen, processes in product launch, marketing and sales, and technology in the sales and marketing functions, enabled the leadership team to efficiently and effectively allocate capital to achieve the strategies that SBI co-developed with them.

By increasing revenue and optimizing its go-to-market capital (Product, Marketing and Sales) this company was able to triple its valuation within 12 months. After 3 years, the independent company provided a 5x return to the PE firm. In addition to the valuation, the company also:

  • Increased Marketing sourced revenue by 200%, while not increasing the overall marketing spend
  • Improved Channel Partner sourced revenue by 10%
  • Recommended and implemented optimized sales and marketing organizational structures, which resulted in 7 straight quarters of 30% CAGR
  • Increased revenue per sales head by 15% via direct coaching of sales managers

Key Outcomes


Increased Marketing sourced revenue


Improved Channel Partner sourced revenue


Increased revenue per sales head