Software Pricing Case Study

Retail Software Grows Revenue $24M with New Pricing Strategy





Over the course of 15 years, this SaaS company added a number of additional products in an effort to address customer operational needs. However, as these new products were added through acquisitions, and not developed internally, there was not a unifying product or pricing strategies.

In 2017 they identified an opportunity in the marketplace to introduce an all-in-one solution to unify all the products. As product development evolved, they engaged SBI to develop the new product go-to-market (GTM) and pricing strategies across all products.

The team realized sales discounting and lack of alignment to customer willingness-to-pay across products was leaving money on the table. During the engagement, SBI worked collaboratively across cross-functional teams (e.g. Sales, Marketing, Pricing) to ensure strategic alignment bought in by all team. This integrated pricing approach leveraged the branding, positioning and messaging created by SBI to align marketing with the proposed pricing, while refining the sales process based on pricing triggers.

SBI also developed marketing channels, a full go-to-market and product launch strategy, and a plan to increase penetration into high profile key accounts. Ultimately, training teams on the new plans and tools for future, continued application.

Key Outcomes


Growth from reduced discounting and decreased sales cycle time