Software Product Case Study

Enterprise Software Company Refines Product Strategy for a $9.5M First Year Gain





Sales from a new product were below expectations as sales reps continued to focus on selling legacy products. This SaaS company wanted to increase product revenue as they shifted from a traditional model to a subscription model but were experiencing challenges finalizing decisions in their consensus driven culture.

This SaaS company sought to accelerate revenue growth by optimizing the key areas of the product go-to-market model while maximizing customer lifetime value via a world-class SaaS customer success program that drives product adoption, expansion and retention. The company brought in SBI to do just that. They also sought to elevate their metrics by aligning them with best practice for successful transition and baselining.

Working closely with the cross-functional leadership team, SBI identified five distinct solutions for the company to implement and execute in order to make their revenue targets. These five solutions were:

  • Conduct a diagnostic of the current product launch process to build a framework for the new SaaS launch plan which maximizes revenue
  • Gain competitive advantages with market/buyer intelligence
  • Motivate the sales team to sell SaaS while protecting revenue from traditional products
  • Provide a KPI roadmap that informs executive resource allocation decisions
  • Provide a Customer Success blueprint that fulfills the needs of the portfolio

As a result, the company gained a clear competitive advantage in the market and an additional $9.5M in revenue growth the first year.

Key Outcomes


In additional revenue growth in the first year