How a CEO Drives Innovation in the Digital Customer Experience

15 Jun 22

Nate Henderson, founding CEO of Bilt Incorporated, shares how he drives innovation to provide unforgettable digital customer experiences.

Buying behaviors have changed significantly since 2020, forcing companies to launch unique and effective digital experiences for their customers.

Nate Henderson, Founder and CEO of BILT Incorporated, creators of the innovative, interactive BILT instructions app, shares how BILT was created, key metrics for CX, and driving cross-functional adoption and commitment to an exceptional digital experience.

Driving the Digital CX:

  1. Finding opportunities to drive growth 01:43
  2. Engagement metrics that drive strategy 02:54
  3. CEO accountability in CX 07:11

Skip to minute (04:49) to understand BILT’s impact on digital CX:

“We're totally revolutionizing in that we're saying let's first change the experience, flip it from being something that I think we would all agree tends to be very negative and turn it into one that is very positive. And what we have shown is that when we do that, people come away as promoters at a staggering rate. So oftentimes we're increasing companies’ net promoter scores by 20 or 30% just by changing this one moment in time within that customer experience.”


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