Why Talent Assessments Are Necessary for Your Revenue Growth Strategy

8 Mar 23

Use talent assessments to gain insights into your team's performance, discover areas of improvement, and increase sales productivity to maximize growth.

Growth leaders understand that the key to a successful sales team is having well-trained and motivated employees who work together with purpose. But what if you could have more than that? What if you could pinpoint exactly where your team's strengths, weaknesses, and areas that need improvement lie? That's where talent assessments come in. By regularly assessing your sales team through surveys, interviews, or other evaluation methods, you can gain valuable insights into how your team operates and make the necessary changes to maximize its potential.

Let's explore why talent assessments should be a recurring part of your growth strategy.

Baseline the Organization: Documenting Current State

A talent assessment provides an objective look at current performance levels within your organization. It gives you a benchmark to measure progress against over time and helps identify opportunities for further development or optimization in each area assessed. This data can also inform succession planning efforts, as it can help you identify high-potential candidates for promotions or other leadership roles within the company.

Individual Development & Coaching

Talent assessments provide invaluable information about individual employee skill sets and development needs. You can use this data to provide targeted training and coaching to help each team member reach their full potential. By understanding each individual's strengths and weaknesses, you can allocate tasks effectively, so they are working on projects they are best suited for and better engage them in their work. This level of understanding can lead to improved morale, increased productivity, and, ultimately, better performance.

Optimization of Individual Strengths

By conducting a talent assessment on your sales team, you will better understand which players naturally exhibit bifurcation or stratification strengths (such as account management vs. new business development). This allows you to create more effective teams by leveraging the specific skillsets of each individual to optimize performance across multiple areas such as customer retention, lead generation, and others.

Investing In Verticalization

Another benefit of conducting a talent assessment is that it allows you to invest in verticalization – identifying which reps are best fit to pursue specific markets (e.g., SMBs vs. Enterprises) or product lines (e.g., Hardware vs. Software). By doing this, you can ensure that each individual is working on projects that match their skillsets and interests – leading to higher quality output from all team members. Additionally, this approach also helps ensure that resources are allocated efficiently so that no area gets neglected while others are overworked due to a lack of resources/staffing.

Talent assessments provide invaluable insights into how well an organization performs collectively and individually.

Click here to listen to an excerpt on the value of Talent Assessments from our recent webinar: Sales Productivity Risks & Remedies for 2023.

SBI's 5-Step Talent Assessment

To recap, talent assessments:

  • Offer actionable data on current performance levels so that improvements can be made quickly.
  • Allow organizations to identify high-potential individuals who may be good candidates for promotion or other leadership roles within the organization.
  • Organizations, through these assessments, can more accurately assess teams ensuring optimal resource allocation while providing targeted training programs designed specifically for each team member.
  • Improved morale throughout the entire organization and better overall performance.

Investing in a comprehensive talent assessment is necessary for any organization looking to maximize its potential and effectively execute its growth strategy. Discover how SBI's Growth Accelerator can help you assess and develop your team's talent - click here for more information.


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