Estimated revenue uplift

Overly ambitious targets set by PE owners

The private equity firm that acquired this healthcare software provider set goals for the company to grow from $566M to $600M with a 40% EBITDA margin in less than two years—a big step up from their flat historic growth rate.

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SBI organized a working session between the company and the PE firm to figure out a plan to optimize sales productivity investments. Its success led to a profitable exit for the PE firm.


Leading provider of healthcare software

  • $600M


  • 2K+


The opportunities

  • Needed to align the company and its PE owners on the go-forward plan
  • Needed to optimize sales productivity investments by reallocating existing spend from low return areas



Organic revenue reached, 8 months ahead of schedule

Related capabilities / services involved

  • Pricing
  • Coverage and sales org design
  • Sales comp and quotas
  • Marketing strategy