Estimated revenue uplift

Declining revenue causing yearly losses

Declining revenue and missing their bookings goals for six straight quarters saw Veritas’ PE owners lose $200M a year. Channel partners had little incentive to sell, and their product strategy was behind their competitors.

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With SBI’s help, Veritas successfully executed on the identified opportunities, which involved hiring a new CMO to lead a best-in-class Marketing organizational structure and revising the channel model to incentivize new business.


Data protection, application resilience, and data compliance and governance.

  • $1.8B


  • 7K+


The opportunities

  • Identify and execute cost takeout opportunities
  • Increase revenue retention
  • Segment channel partners and revise channel strategy
  • Revise entire marketing model



Cost takeout

Related capabilities / services involved

  • Cost takeout
  • Marketing organizational structure
  • Revenue marketing programs
  • Compensation planning